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Every United player in a song: Sam Johnstone

We describe Manchester United's players using a squad. Up next, Sam Johnstone

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Remember those great days when Louis van Gaal put Sergio Romero in goal for a month? Yes, it was an exciting time. David de Gea wasn't allowed near the first team, because despite performing never less than professionally, Manchester United's brilliant man-manager decided that he should stick him in the stiffs for a while, at least until the move to Real Madrid was sorted out.

That played out brilliantly, as it upset the whole squad, all of whom apparently felt that De Gea, a popular figure, was being targeted pointlessly, despite being an essential part of the team, team spirit, and the one competent element of the defence. They say that if you trust your goalkeeper, it really helps give confidence to the back four (or three, no wait, let's go back to four, now five, now three), and thus the rest of the team.

Anyway, Sergio Romero started in goal for those weeks, and Sam Johnstone was on the bench. To Johnstone, we have to say: