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Manchester United will need to bid £50 million for Romelu Lukaku

It will take a bid of at least £50 million for Manchester United to sign Everton's Romelu Lukaku this summer.

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Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

The Mirror thinks that Manchester United continue to be interested in Matt Ritchie, the Bournemouth winger. He'd not be hugely expensive and is reasonably talented, but it's hard to square United's interest in him with their ambition to improve.

Belgium's manager Marc Wilmots says that United are suffering by playing Marouane Fellaini in the wrong position. Of course, they are, the wrong position however is anywhere on the pitch in a United shirt. He's terrible, and getting worse. That's in the Daily Mail.

On ESPNFC, Andy Mitten reckons that Manchester United could be set to increase the capacity of Old Trafford. More money, more fans, no prospect of sorting out the real problems at the club. As expected, then.

Bad news in the Telegraph. Wayne Rooney could be back in action for the first team as soon as April, just in time to derail any revived hope of Champions League qualification. Send him to the stiffs for a month, let England get him close to in shape, then see what Jose Mourinho makes of him. Don't let him near the team this season, FFS.

Lastly, the Manchester Evening News says that United will need £50 if they want Romelu Lukaku. It's him or Harry Kane, basically.