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VIDEO: Watch Juan Mata's free kick for Manchester United against Watford

Watch Juan Mata score the winner for Manchester United against Watford with a brilliant free kick.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Lovely, lovely Juan Mata won the match for Manchester United last night with an excellent free kick with little time remaining in the match.

Mata, like the rest of the side, had been toilet against Watford, and could well have lost were Watford awarded a deserved penalty, or if the away time had been less profligate.

He captained the side in Wayne Rooney and Chris Smalling's absence but put in another weak performance. As much as he improved with his performances against the recent rubbish, and then Arsenal, the suspicion remains that as long as United struggle for leadership and physicality, so will he in United's side.

Nevertheless, as he did last year, and occasionally this season, he has contributed with important assists and goals, and Jose Mourinho should consider keeping him in the side and making the necessary adjustments in the summer.

NB: This video is available only for those of you in the US.