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Dutch FA want Louis van Gaal back from Manchester United — reports

Manchester United's manager may be offered a way out of his job.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

They beat England on Tuesday evening, but the Dutch international team haven't been doing so well of late. After Louis van Gaal took them to third in the 2014 World Cup, then left, Guus Hiddink took charge, but was sacked partway through a disastrous Euro 2016 qualifying campaign. The promotion of Danny "Daley's Dad" Blind couldn't rescue them, and as such the Dutch will all be taking the summer off while everybody else parties in France.

The solution, clearly, is to get Van Gaal back. At least that's what the papers reckon: according to the Independent there is a "growing conviction in the Netherlands that he will step down from Old Trafford this summer," and so be free to become technical director at the country's revamped centre of excellence.

If there's anything in this, then it's mighty convenient for Ed Woodward. Instead of having to sack his chosen man, he can reluctantly accept his decision, thank him for his good work, and wish him all the best with his future endeavours. And should the replacement be Jose Mourinho, then he wouldn't have to step over the freshly-knifed corpse of his good friend. Tulips all round!