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We speak to a WBA fan ahead of the game against Manchester United

We spoke to West Bromwich Albion fan Steve Corrozi about Tony Pulis, Darren Fletcher and James McClean before the game against Manchester United this weekend.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

When Tony Pulis arrived, were you happy knowing his style, and now his tactical approach is the norm for you, how do you feel about it?

I was very happy when Pulis arrived and still am. I like being in the Prem. We're not going to be a Leicester City story, at least for a long time, and I'm happy to be putting together a 6 year run to build on. We've been less than exciting to watch for much of the season but he's patched together a makeshift backline that has us firmly in mid-table, even with Foster out for the majority of the year.

I think James McClean is the most enjoyable and brave player in the Premier League. What do you make of him?

A beautiful, fiery, addition to the team. Puts it all out there.

How has Darren Fletcher been for you? Most United fans regarded him as occasionally exceptional, and often vital, before illness affected him so severely.

He's been a solid addition, especially in the dressing room. He's had a miscue or two but for the most part has provided organization in the midfield when necessary.

Which are the most dangerous players on your side at the moment - is there anyone United should be especially concerned about?

The last couple of games Sess, Rondon and Berahino have started finding each other and combining in a way that we haven't had anyone connect up front all season. The Berahino disturbance left a big hole for a long time. I'm looking to see how those three can combine for the last weeks of the season.

Do you think if he worked really hard, Wayne Rooney might have a role to play at WBA next season?

We're obviously losing Berahino so there's a role to be played but I just can't see him in that one.  And really, we can't afford him. I'd rather spend the money on two left backs. Again, it's amazing that we have not been more exposed playing Brunt back there most of the season.

Lastly, what's your prediction for the score?

We're due for a dip after this little run and United look like a new team these last couple weeks but I'll go against that and say the joy continues and we take a point: 2-2

You can follow Steven on Twitter at @Corrozi