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Juan Mata is very, very, very, very, very, very sorry

Manchester United's villain of the week has 'fessed up to being a buffoon.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Juan Mata, as you probably know, isn't just a small, bearded, generally adorable, oddly ineffective, and recently profoundly stupid footballer. No! He is also a blogger. And today — though his platform of choice is Kicca, founded explicitly so that famous people didn't have to engage with the plebs — he wants to say sorry to everybody for getting sent off against West Brom.

Well, almost. He says that he takes "responsibility":

After almost 500 games as a professional player, this Sunday I was sent off for the first time in my career. As you can imagine, it's not easy for me to write these lines. The truth is this is a new and strange situation for me, not easy to assimilate, but we learn from everything. I know that, in football, we see things like these every week, but obviously what hurts more is that my team-mates had to fight with ten men for a long time. I have the feeling that both decisions were rigorous; that, in many occasions, we see more serious fouls that are not penalised in such a way, but at the same time I could have avoided them and I take responsibility.

He didn't put "Hugs" at the end. Poor little mite must be all eaten up inside.