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Spurs vs Manchester United delayed by traffic

Kick off has been delayed between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United as United got stuck in traffic on the way to White Hart Lane.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Manchester United are going nowhere, Lynn. Quite literally, they're on the ring road.

United's game with Tottenham Hotspur was delayed as their coach was stuck in traffic on the way to White Hart Lane.

Kick-off was initially delayed by 15 minutes, but the game is now scheduled to start at half four (BST).

Spurs will be disheartened by the win for Leicester over Sunderland, meaning that Leicester need just three more wins to be certain of winning the league. Manchester United will be disheartened because they are managed by Louis van Gaal.

Sometimes, I'll level with you, you get a story that needs a lot of padding. This is one of those stories. You can add a bit of context to fill it out, but sometimes you're left with a good amount left to fill. That's when you go meta and you pad by writing about the padding you're doing.

Right, that's enough done now.