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Spurs 3-0 Bunch of c****s

Manchester United lost 3-0 to Spurs at White Hart Lane in the Premier League.

Warren Little/Getty Images

Manchester United's pointless season continues as they are indulged by pointless supporters hoping for the best despite the pointless players playing badly under the pointless manager Louis van Gaal who is given permission to be pointless by the pointless Ed Woodward.

Van Gaal, who should have been sacked months ago, made a change at half-time with Anthony Martial on the left wing. He removed Marcus Rashford and swapped him for Ashley Young, a winger. The sensible thing would have been to play the striker as a striker, and the winger as the winger. Van Gaal did not do this.

United had chances to go ahead, but Spurs had more of them, and took them. There's just no point going into detail about what happened, because we all know. The players hate the manager, and know that if they scrape into the Champions League they might have him for another year. Let's hope that isn't the case.

Give us Jose Mourinho, get rid of this fucking buffoon, and let's start next season with a clue, rather than with a bunch of c***s.