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How does a West Ham fan see the game against Manchester United?

We spoke to West Ham fan Tom Victor about tonight's FA Cup replay against Manchester United.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Would you prefer to win the FA Cup or get into the Champions League?

Feels a bit bad to say it but Champions League, as it's the one we're less likely to ever get another shot at if we miss out this year.

As a West Ham fan, which of Russell Brand's jokes do you think are the most likely to lead to an anti-capitalist revolution?

The one where he uses all those long words and people lay the quote over photos of the ocean because they think they understand more than 25% of what he's said.

What would you say has been the biggest change under Slaven Bilic compared to Sam Allardyce?

We seem less prepared to settle for what we've got, even if that means turning 0-0s into 0-2s as well as deficits into leads. That, and a new-found ability to make substitutions even if we're not losing the game

Would you please buy Wayne Rooney from us?

Christ no


I'll take Fellaini if it'll shut you up. At a push.

What is West Ham's biggest weakness for United to exploit?

Probably overconfidence. West Ham feel like they should have won at Old Trafford in league and cup, so if United actually turn up then they could do some early damage. Also we don't have a right-back at the moment, so that could be a problem.

What's your prediction for the score?

An ugly 1-1 after 90 minutes, then Payet or Mata to score an extra time winner.

Tom Victor writes about sport for and talks about himself in the third person on the Internet