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Manchester United's new manager Jose Mourinho wants Gonzalo Higuain

Manchester United's new manager Jose Mourinho wants Gonzalo Higuain as he tells friends he has the job.

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There's a story in the Mail that Wayne Rooney was furious with Louis  van Gaal for taking him off before the end of the match. If it's true - and there's no great reason to believe it's a serious argument - then that's terminal for Van Gaal. Only Rooney and Daley Blind are vaguely loyal to him anymore.

Van Gaal says, in the Telegraph, that United won't be forced to sell if they miss out on the Champions League. Perhaps he meant 'when' rather than if, but regardless, United have so much cash that it makes sense. They're hardly counting the pennies. Well, they are, because the Glazers are clowns.

The Mirror carries a story saying that Gonzalo Higuain will be Jose Mourinho's first choice as a striker, and he is telling friends that he is the next United manager (Mourinho, not Higuain). That's presumably curtains for Rooney, then, given Mourinho likes one striker, and prefers players who can both run and pass.

On ESPNFC, Craig Burley talks confidently about something he clearly knows nothing of.

And in the Manchester Evening News, there are reports of negotiations being under way with Zlatan Ibrahimovic.