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Jose Mourinho already in contact with Manchester United players

Jose Mourinho has already started to contact Manchester United players about next season, according to me.

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On ESPNFC, there's a report about Manchester United again being subdued. When they have to play for their manager rather than the FA Cup, it seems they no longer care enough to put in more than the bare minimum of effort - sometimes less than that. It is hardly a surprise.

David de Gea says that Marcus Rashford could have a long career at United. It does seem like he truly has something special, but just how special and sustainable his talent and impact are remains to be seen. It is pleasant to have something to be optimistic about, mind. That's in the Daily Mail.

The Telegraph say that Jose Mourinho expects to be offered the United job, which it is fair to say, most people also now believe too.

And on Yahoo, I have a super-duper exclusive about Jose Mourinho already being in contact with some players at United, which is a Pulitzer-winning effort, in my own humble opinion.

In the Mirror, Manchester United and Liverpool are apparently vying for Braga winger Rafa Silva. I've no idea who he is, so please fill me in below the line.