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Manchester United go through Wayne Rooney discussion for millionth time

This talk about Wayne Rooney's position is going to outlive us all.

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Julian Finney/Getty Images

Is there anything more depressing than having to read this story again? Yet again we get the discussion over whether or not Wayne Rooney could drop deeper as he grows older. This time it's in the Mirror, and I recommend instead of reading this all over again, you just lock yourself in a shed and get ready for the world to end. Pray it's soon.

According to ESPNFC, Manchester City have won the race for John Stones. On his recent showings, I think we can all agree that doesn't immediately strike us as a big problem. However, if everyone says he's going to be great, they're just as likely to be right, assuming he doesn't do a Phil Jones.

In the Telegraph, Ander Herrera says that David de Gea is more likely to stay if United win the FA Cup. You would imagine that it would have almost no effect on De Gea at all, but there you go.

Ryan Giggs received a PFA Merit Award last night, for being a very good player at times, and for being an appalling presence in the dressing room as assistant manager. You can have a look in the Daily Mail.

You read stuff like this, and you realise there's just no point with football writing anymore.

Anyway, I've had enough. This is my month's notice - I'm leaving the site at the end of the season. It's been very emotional.