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Manchester United will pay Jose Mourinho a stupid amount of money

Manchester United + Jose Mourinho = ££££££££££££££££££££££££££

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

We start, rather embarrassingly, with some news from the Sun, which obviously we can't link to because (a) even by the low, low standards of British newspapers it's a toxic rag that revels in the humiliation and degradation of pretty much any vulnerable group in society you care to name, and (b) Hillsborough. So instead, here's a link to the Manchester Evening News talking about the Sun. Don't look directly at it, kids. It will hurt your soul.

Apparently Jose Mourinho has been told that the job of Manchester United manager is his and has agreed a wage of £60m over three years, which is more than any of the players. At the moment, anyway. They go on to say that the Sun go on to say that there "remains support for Ryan Giggs in the Old Trafford board room but Mourinho has always been top of the list of candidates to replace Louis van Gaal".

Twenty million quid a year!

TBB always been fascinated by the idea of actively supporting Ryan Giggs to be next Manchester United manager. Not because we're necessarily unsympathetic to the idea, but because, well, what does that support consist of beyond "It's the kind of thing Manchester United should be doing, and it'd be really, really, really nice if it worked out"? There's just nothing to point to. Any Giggs fans knocking around in the comments, please assist.

Twenty million quid a year!

In other news, the Mirror have got another story about Renato Sanches, with United edging still closer. But can the arrow ever catch the tortoise? Tune in tomorrow to almost find out.

Twenty million quid a year!

The MEN have a story regarding Dutch youngster Tahith Chong, he of the glorious hair. Apparently he's told Dutch television he's got a "better feeling" about Manchester United than his current employers Feyenoord.

Twenty million quid a year!

And in the Isthmian Premier League playoff semi-finals last night, Dulwich Hamlet beat Bognor Regis Town 1-0 last night thanks to this penalty save ...

... and this injury-time free-kick ...

... none of which has anything to do with Manchester United, but your correspondent was there, somewhere in that delirious scrum, and it was great.

Twenty million quid a year!