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Manchester United target £45 million Ross Barkley

Manchester United could sign Everton midfielder Ross Barkley for £45 million.

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Paul Gilham/Getty Images

The Mirror's morning round-up includes the rumour that Ross Barkley will be subject of a £45 million bid from United in the summer. It's hard to see what Jose Mourinho would see in the injury prone, slightly clueless flighty midfielder, but then again he could do a Joe Cole on him, and turn him into a reasonably effective shuttling winger.

In the Telegraph, James Ducker thinks that there's a power vaccum at United. I'd like that vacuum to get even bigger by bombing out Bobby Charlton, David Gill and Alex Ferguson out of the club too, but there's no point getting my hopes up.

The Manchester Evening News has Teddy Sheringham saying nice thinks about Marcus Rashford. Thanks, Teddy!

On ESPNFC, imagine if our players actually doped, they might manage to stay on the pitch for longer than 20 minutes at a time. In fact, given how incompetent the club is, imagine if they were doping and this is how bad they really are with all of modern science supporting them.

Lastly, panic. Louis van Gaal is organising the pre-season tour. Imagine the kind of sabotage he could pull off if it's deliberate, rather than because of his own incompetence. That's in the Mail.