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We speak to a Spurs fan about the game against Manchester United

We speak to Tottenham Hotspur fan Ryan Kelly about the game against Manchester United on Sunday

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Do you think you'll win the league?

Short answer yes with an if; long answer no with a but.

This is a strange one - I feel like we Spurs fans have been talking ourselves out of admitting we were in a title race for a few months, and have only now admitted it now it looks like we won't do it. We are in this strange position of this being the best season many Spurs fans have seen us have in the league (certainly me, started supporting Spurs in 1993), but at the same time preparing to feel a bit gutted about it. In the cold light of day I can't see the one nil juggernaut of Leicester dropping the points we need, but I am not giving up until it's mathematically impossible - if Defoe can do the business for us tomorrow and we can win, it's only four's the hope that kills you though, isn't it? Whatever happens it's been a great season and it's brilliant to have a team that we can be proud of.

Will you be sad about selling Arsenal fan Harry Kane to Manchester United at the end of the season?

You cheeky beggar. If Kane was to go I would be absolutely devastated. Even now, Bale playing for Manchester United is unthinkable, and Kane would be beyond the pale. I remember saying in the season before Bale left that Daniel Levy's pride could only take it if he was made the most expensive player ever, and I think something similar would need to happen for Kane to go. Even then, I think Levy would rather resign than sell to United after the Carrick and Berbatov deals - they really seem to have hardened his resolve against selling to domestic rivals (see the Modric to Chelsea drama). After Pochettino's interviews this week about the attachment he and the players have to the club, I can't see anyone major leaving this year (touch wood, cross fingers).

Also, I haven't seen incontrovertible evidence that that definitely is Kane in that shirt...

What would you say are the biggest weaknesses in the Spurs team for United to exploit tomorrow?

This is the first Spurs team in my time as a supporter that doesn't have an obvious massive weakness - there was a lot of worry that we would be very light up top but thankfully Kane doesn't believe in injuries. When Vertonghen got injured I assumed that would be the end of our title adventure but Wimmer has stepped up and may even keep his place when Vertonghen returns. It is extremely unusual for us to have the best defence in the league, and to have the top scorer to boot as well as the breakout star in Alli shows us as a quality outfit. The fact that even Danny Rose has upped his game to the level he's at shows that we really are a team working in harmony.

I think United will need to work as hard as Spurs and exploit any half chances they get. I have really enjoyed the finishing of Martial and Rashford this year (in particular Rashford's goal against Manchester City), so those two being on their game will be the key to getting anything. That and the referee (Mendes, Nani, etc).

Spurs fans seem generally decent when compared to other clubs - is that a fair comment or is it just because you're not successful that you're easy to tolerate?

I'm glad you have that impression, and have saved me talking about the attitude that makes United fans a bit less popular! The fury and unreasonableness of Spurs fans always seems directed a bit more inward than some other fans, which may make us seem reasonable to outsiders. We have seen enough false dawns and cruel twists of fate to leave us with a certain philosophical view to the outside world - when you have seen gastroenteritis and Bayern Munich losing on penalties keep you out of the Champions League it emphasises that sometimes you just have to accept the ways of the universe.

As for not being successful, let's see how this season ends shall we? The "lads, it's Spurs" feeling about the team has disappeared this year, and the team has discovered its inner bastard (most fouls in the league) thanks to both good coaching and recruitment (Alli is the windup merchant supreme, Dier loves a bit of a barney, Lamela on the undercover violence). We finally have that inner steel, so hopefully soon we will be widely hated (read: winning loads).

In any case, this year has been so positive overall that I think most Spurs fans are just generally quite happy at the moment (at games some still can't resist yelling abuse at Lamela though, despite his excellent contributions).

Lastly, what's your prediction for the game tomorrow?

The last time we beat United at the Lane was a long time ago (Willem Korsten scored past Van Der Gouw to open scoring), so it's actually quite hard to visualise full time with Spurs leading. After questions 2 and 4 though, I think I will have to scrap my 1-1 and go with 3-1 Spurs!

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