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Manchester United linked with Riyad Mahrez and Nemanja Matic

Manchester United are interested in bringing Riyad Mahrez and Nemanja Matic to Old Trafford for next season.

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Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Nemanja Matic: brilliant last season, a bit cack this season, but getting better recently. That, then, makes him better as a midfielder than anyone who is currently there for Manchester United. That's right, even the fabulous Wayne Rooney. Anyway, he's been rumoured to be on Jose Mourinho's wanted list for when he arrives in the summer. You can read about that in the Mirror.

In the Guardian, Manchester United's players apparently 'scent City's blood.' The only thing they're smelling is holiday brochures and their resentment of Louis van Gaal, going by their efforts this season.

And in the Telegraph, the story that United will have to do with their only impressive first team outfield player of 2015/16. Anthony Martial is - at the very least - out of the game against West Ham.

On ESPNFC, Van Gaal has said that United will miss the suspended Marouane Fellaini. Can you miss having something absolutely abominable? Maybe Van Gaal had early-onset Stockholm Syndrome, but instead of with a kidnapper, it's with a really shit player.

In the Manchester Evening News, flash-in-the-pan Riyad Mahrez has been linked with a move to United. That would be such a Liverpool signing, but that's the level United are at these days.

Happy Christmas!