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West Ham fans attack Manchester United team bus

Silly 'Ammers.

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

What better way to see off your old stadium than by bottling a bus?

It's all Manchester United's fault, of course. Apparently the bus was running late -- again! -- and West Ham's fans, the little punctuality-obsessed scamps, decided to vent their displeasure at this fact. That, or they just fancied chucking stuff. Either way, it all got a little heated. Smoke bombs, police horses, all that old-fashioned stuff.

David Sullivan, West Ham chairman, explained the situation to the BBC. "I don't understand why United couldn't get here at 4pm. They could have got here early. They knew it would be busy. It's crazy. Our lot had no choice to but to pelt the bus with bottles."

He didn't say that last line. Kick off's been bumped back to 8:30.