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Links: West Ham are a waste of space.

West Ham's chairman David Gold has explained it was actually Manchester United's fault that West Ham fans threw bricks at the United coach.

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Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

In the Mirror, Jose Mourinho was asked about the Manchester United job and replied, 'there's plenty of time,' which at least superficially suggests that he's confident in taking the job in the summer. Personally, I think Louis van Gaal should continue for the next five years.

The Telegraph says that West Ham's chairman David Gold thinks it's United's fault that West Ham fans threw bricks at their bus. There's just no point, is there.

Manchester United want Toni Kroos. Manchester City want Toni Kroos. It's a tug of war! YESSSSS! That's in the Sun.

According to a story in the Manchester Evening News, Raphael Varane has been linked with a move to United. Varane went to Real Madrid when United last wanted him, meaning United went for Phil Jones instead. I think it's fair to say that Jones has proved by far the better signing.

Sorry, there's absolutely nothing interesting happening today.