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Suspect package at Manchester United an "incredibly lifelike" hoax

The device which led to the postponement of Manchester United's last game of the season was not a bomb, but it was doing a very good impression of one.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed that the suspect package found at Old Trafford this afternoon was not a viable explosive. A controlled explosion was carried out by bomb disposal experts, who subsequently informed the police that the package was an "incredibly lifelike" hoax.

Though the police haven't mentioned this, the general description across the press is of a mobile phone wired to pipes, which was located in one of Old Trafford's toilets by a member of Manchester United staff. The Mail have a quote from a security official

It certainly did not look like something you would want to mess with.

There has been no word from the Premier League as to when the game will be played, but Bournemouth have flown back to the south coast, suggesting that there's no chance of the fixture happening tomorrow.