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Jose Mourinho will be Manchester United manager within days - reports

Louis van Gaal won't get long to celebrate his trophy win, according to the papers.

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Ian Walton/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho will be appointed manager of Manchester United on Tuesday, according to the Telegraph and the BBC. Dan Roan, the Beeb's sports editor, reckons that the wheels are already in motion:

More details come from the Telegraph.

The agreement was reached at the end of last week and the announcement will come in the next few days ... It was not clear whether Van Gaal was aware that the decision had been made before he went into the FA Cup final - until now he had been bullish about his position.

You'd hope some inkling. Though the Telegraph go on to emphasise the "complete secrecy" of the negotiations, this was being reports in the Spanish papers this morning, and there have been one or two minor rumblings in previous weeks. Still, nice to bow out with a (dogged, peculiar, slightly fortunate) cup win and a trophy.