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Watch: Manchester United's FA Cup dressing room celebrations

Antonio Valencia posted a video of United's post-FA Cup celebrations on his Instagram account.

The brilliant video above comes courtesy of Antonio Valencia's Instagram account. The Ecuadorian winger-turned-full-back posted the clip in the aftermath of Manchester United's 2-1 FA Cup final win over Crystal Palace on Saturday, with the players clearly excited by their achievement, and Valencia so much so that he appears to be rubbing his groin in sheer elation.

It's certainly refreshing to see this crop of United players given the chance to show they care, and no doubt the recent flurry of Mancunians into the first team will have had some effect. It's equally great that of all the chants they could've chosen to record, it's the one politely asking City fans to return to their place of abode that has leaked.

Other points of note: somewhere among the scrum you can see the bobbing head of Luke Shaw, who should be fit and ready for the first game of next season. It's also a great relief to see Adnan Januzaj joining in the celebrations -- someone tell Interpol so they can call off their global search.