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Report claims José Mourinho has been on Manchester United's payroll 'for months'

It also states that the Portuguese coach could be confirmed as Manchester United manager today.

Jack Taylor/Getty Images

We start the day with an interesting report from the Daily Mail, which seems to contradict the popular belief that Ed Woodward was too incompetent and indecisive to take action against Louis van Gaal midseason. The article claims that José Mourinho has, in fact, been on United's payroll "for months", having been paid a whopping £4 million after discussions earlier in the campaign:

The Daily Mail understands that Manchester United reached an agreement with Mourinho early this year to ensure he would be able to take over from van Gaal should the Dutchman be deemed a failure. Following these clandestine meetings, it is believed he was paid the astonishing sum of money.

Other points of note: the Daily Mail think Mourinho's agent is set to arrive in England today to conclude talks, though, worried about his touchline antics, United executives have reportedly pushed for a "behaviour clause" to be included in any deal. Mourinho is set to be paid a reported £15m a year as United manager, and his arrival could be confirmed as early as later today. Watch this space.