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Jose Mourinho wants Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Lassana Diarra, John Stones and Nemanja Matic

Jose Mourinho has been linked with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Lassana Diarra, John Stones and Nemanja Matic ahead of his move to Manchester United.

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The Mirror are running a live blog for the Jose Mourinho appointment, and good luck to them with that.

Rejoice! There's a good chance that poisonous Ryan Giggs could soon be leaving the club, to be replaced by the virtuous Rui Faria. At least Faria understands the concept of loyalty to his own boss, eh? That's in the Telegraph.

The Guardian has details of the job offered to 'Ryan'.

Lassana Diarra, John Stones and Zlatan are all linked with moves to United. You can get the latest on these stories at the moment on ESPNFC.

And here's another transfer rumour, this time in the Manchester Evening News. Nemanja Matic could be on his way from Chelsea, but it would depend on them being willing to sell to a mid-table rival, and if Antonio Conte has any interest in keeping hold of him.

Lastly, something that can unite us all: 50 pictures of Eric Cantona in the Mail.