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Eric Cantona: Jose Mourinho is not Manchester United

The King has spoken, and he does not approve.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Today is Eric Cantona's fiftieth birthday, and to celebrate, the great man has been talking to the Guardian. Which seems an odd way to spend a day of celebration -- we'd have thought wine, meat, more wine, cheese, and then possibly some more wine -- but who are we mere mortals to judge?

Anyway, while the whole thing is worth your time, here are the salient points as regards the managerial situation. Cantona isn't particularly excited about the imminent arrival of Jose Mourinho ...

I love José Mourinho, but in terms of the type of football he plays I don't think he is Manchester United. I love his personality, I love the passion he has for the game, his humour. He is very intelligent, he demands 100% of his players. And of course he wins things. But I don't think it's the type of football that the fans of Manchester United will love, even if they win.

... and believes that there at least one better alternative to the Portuguese tactician ...

Guardiola was the one to take. He is the spiritual son of Johan Cruyff ... I would have loved to have seen Guardiola in Manchester [United]. He is the only one to change Manchester. He is in Manchester, but at the wrong one.

... if not two.

if they asked me to become the manager of Manchester United, I would. Because Guardiola is in Manchester City and they want someone to win things with wonderful football? It's me.