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Seventeen years ago, Manchester United beat Bayern Munich in the Champions League final. In quite notable fashion.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

To take all of our minds off the manager's job, some nostalgia. Today is the 26th of May, which means it's exactly 17 years since Manchester United won their second European Cup. You may recall the game: United took an early lead, spent the game in complete control, and eventually strolled to victory.

Some videos? Why not. You may have seen this before, but if not, it's quite something. Both the goals from one of the goalline cameras; the image quality isn't great but the noise. And the celebrations. And the bodies strewn around the Bayern box.

Here are some more normal highlights. Had completely forgotten about Mehmet Scholl hitting the inside of the post.

Finally, for those of you with the time, here's the whole match, albeit in some little sub-screen. No idea why. For those of you without the time, United win a throw-in deep in their own half at about 1:34:25 ...