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Jose Mourinho reaches final agreement to become Manchester United manager, according to reports


Clive Mason/Getty Images

Right. The club haven't announced anything, but Sky Sports have decided to call it, and everybody else is piling in. So: Jose Mourinho is the new Manchester United manager. Apparently.

It appears that the official club announcement will come tomorrow, at which point we'll learn all the juicy details about contract length (3 years?), wages (£ludicrous) and just how thrilled the Portuguese tactician is to be taking over at Old Trafford. The club he's always dreamed of. The stadium he's always adored. You know the drill.

In the meantime, you've got an evening's grace to make your final adjustments ahead of a season or two that could be brilliant, could be disastrous, and will certainly be interesting. After one manager who never quite grasped the size of the gig and another who never quite grasped the requirements of the job, at least it'll be fun to have a bit of swagger about the place.