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Watch Marcus Rashford score for England

Manchester United's latest international made a successful start to his international career.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

It's getting a little bit silly now. Marcus Rashford — who scored on his full and European debut, scored on his first appearance in the Premier League, and scored on his first appearance in the FA Cup — kept his ridiculous streak of good first impressions up last night when he scored on his England debut.

Not a bad finish, either, and only three minutes in. Of course, real Rashford aficionados will already have moved on from his finishing and will instead be enjoying the cute little pass to Raheem Sterling followed by the drift back into space. Proper strikerly stuff. And though tBB didn't see the rest of the game, we understand that linked up nicely with Sterling in general and played wide in the second half.

So, will he go to Euro 2016? Manager Roy Hodgson seemed impressed.

I am pleased with him. He's done his chances of coming in the final 23 no harm. But he wouldn't have been in the 26 if I didn't think he had a chance. I guess it [the debut goal] will chop a few trees down tomorrow. I thought Marcus did well — but I wasn't nervous about him or surprised how well he played.

He's going to take him, isn't he? What a remarkable story this all is.