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Have a sneak peek at Manchester United's new away kit!

The Reds will be wearing blue on the road again next season.

Manchester United may be about to miss out on Champions League qualification for the second time in three seasons and suffering from ill-health both on the pitch and in the boardroom, but good news! You can now order preorder their new away kit! United have offered a truly tantalising glimpse of their latest change strip, and the big news is ... it's blue.

Yes, after a season away, Adidas are bringing back a blue kit, seemingly alongside the the red trim that was present on their ultramarine number of a couple of seasons ago. We haven't actually been allowed to see enough of the kit to decide if it's actually any good or not, so preorder at your own risk. Let's hope it doesn't reveal itself to be a total monstrosity only after dropping on your doorstep.