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Ryan Giggs on the brink of Manchester United exit

According to a report in the Mirror this evening, Ryan Giggs is set to leave Manchester United after almost three decades.

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

The Mirror's David McDonnell this evening brings us the news that Ryan Giggs is set to quit Manchester United after a 29 year stint that has included spells as a player, a caretaker manager, and an assistant coach. Giggs reportedly returned from a holiday in Dubai to hold talks with José Mourinho, though was unwilling to reach an agreement with the Portuguese tactician. Per McDonnell:

United are keen for Giggs, 42, to stay but understand his reluctance to accept a less prominent role under Mourinho, who is bringing in his own backroom team.

The self-styled Special One will appoint long-standing assistant Rui Faria as his No.2, meaning any subsequent role Giggs accepts will be a step down for the United legend, who made 963 appearances for them.

Of course, there's no doubting that Giggs' ultimate ambition is to become the United manager. But his difficulty is now trying to work out the most likely route to one of the game's loftiest perches. If he leaves, it's clearly because he deems it necessary to prove his managerial capability elsewhere before he's given a chance at Old Trafford. But of course, it's a path fraught with difficulty. Gary Neville's disastrous spell at Valencia is a perfect example of how one's stock can fall if a wrong move is taken.

There's also the question about where Giggs could go to prove his worth. If decent spells at Premier League makeweights and previous United playing experience were sufficient qualifications for the United job, Mark Hughes would've been occupying the bench long ago. Whatever Giggs opts to do, he'll have to tread extremely carefully to avoid blowing his chances. Whatever happens, it'll certainly make for interesting viewing.