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David de Gea accused of organising 'abusive, non-consensual sex party'

The allegations were first published in Spanish newspaper El Diario.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea has been accused of organising what the Mirror are describing as "an abusive, non-consensual sex party" with prostitutes for two Spain Under-21 teammates in 2012." Relaying the story first published in Spanish newspaper El Diario, the Mirror write:

De Gea and Iker Muniain have been implicated by testimony given in the investigation of porn baron Torbe - real name Ignacio Allende Fernandez - who has been jailed for a number of offences including child pornography, extortion, trafficking and sexual exploitation.

A female witness, whose identity is being protected and is named only as TP3, was giving evidence against Torbe in which she claimed that the porn site owner was also the head of a prostitution ring that abused women from both Spain and abroad - some of them underage.

Clearly these allegations are very serious, though reports that de Gea has been sent home from the European Championships appear premature. He was due to speak in Spain's press conference this evening, though he didn't put in an appearance and all questions relating to the subject were blocked.