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Should Manchester United be chasing this Hungarian legend?

Euro 2016 scouting report: Could Gábor Király do a job at Manchester United?

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Though Manchester United are ineligible for the Euros -- something about not technically being a country -- the Busby Babe has a scout in France keeping an eye for anybody that might improve the club. After Hungary shocked Austria in Bordeaux, here's how goalkeeper Gábor Király might fit in at Old Trafford ...


Is not Sergio Romero.

Has a trademark. Where other, lesser men where shorts to play football, Kiraly plays every game in a pair of baggy grey tracksuit bottoms. For a club like Manchester United, which is built around the identification and exploitation of various revenue streams, this represents a perfect opportunity to expand their range of trousers. Part-reserve goalkeeper, part-official trackies partner.

His initials are GK. Which, for a goalkeeper, is intensely pleasing. Similar reasons lay behind David Moyes' failed pursuit of Leighton Baines. Underrated, that Moyes. Knew what he was about.

Whatever he had, he's still got it. One diving save in particular caught the eye: he was quick down, and got a strong arm to the ball to push it away.

Mostly the not being Sergio Romero thing, if we're being honest. It's nothing personal.


Is very old. We're talking, like, at least 250 years old here. As such, we have to question whether picking up Kiraly might lead to further chin-stroking from journalists about Jose Mourinho's failure to promote youth. Perhaps it might be better to persuade Sam Johnstone that he could put on a pair of trousers?

Right, but he also might retire at any moment. Ah. Of course. Well, that was a waste of 90 minutes. Wish I'd watched more of the game.