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You've all been getting United players' names wrong

It's Shnay-der-lan, not Shn-eye-der-lin.

Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images

We interrupt your day with the important news that UEFA have dropped a marvellous pronunciation guide for the upcoming European Championships. It reveals, among other things, that you've all been pronouncing the names of Manchester United players wrong (or at least one of them). We haven't, though. We're always right.

Apparently the name of Alsace native Morgan Schneiderlin is pronounced with a French lilt rather than a German one, which makes sense given that he is actually from France. Even if only just. According to UEFA, it's rightly Shnay-der-lan, rather than the more commonly-used Shn-eye-der-lin.

There is also important clarification on the pronunciation of his compatriot's name, Anthony Martial, which appears to cause problems for English speakers by virtue of the fact it is actually also, you know, an English word. But rather than Mar-shal, or the rather more exotic Mar-tee-al, it's correctly pronounced On-ton-ee Mar-sea-al. Merci beaucoup.

There are also a few names that we don't currently need to know, but perhaps may need to in the near future. These include Grzegorz Krychowiak (G-ze-gosh Cri-ho-viack), André Gomes (Gomsh) and João Mario (Joo-ow). If you want to be really optimistic, why not also have a go at revising Hakan Çalhanoğlu (Ha-kan Chal-han-och-loo)?

So there we have it. Your official guide to being laughed at down the pub. Because nothing is funnier than saying something properly.