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Jose Mourinho and Chelsea reach a settlement with Eva Carneiro

Manchester United's manager will not have to give evidence to Dr Eva Carneiro's employment tribunal, after all parties were able to reach an agreement.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Former Chelsea first-team doctor Eva Carneiro's employment tribunal has concluded early after she was able to agree a settlement with Jose Mourinho -- now Manchester United manager -- and Chelsea.

The exact terms of the settlement will remain confidential, but Chelsea have since issued a statement essentially accepting that when she ran out onto the Liberty Stadium pitch all those months ago, she was essentially just doing her job.

The club regrets the circumstances which led to Dr Carneiro leaving the club and apologises unreservedly to her and her family for the distress caused. We wish to place on record that in running onto the pitch Dr Carneiro was following both the rules of the game and fulfilling her responsibility to the players as a doctor, putting their safety first.

Dr Carneiro's own statement reiterates this point:

I am relieved that today we have been able to conclude this tribunal case. It has been an extremely difficult and distressing time for me and my family and I now look forward to moving forward with my life. My priority has always been the health and safety of the players and fulfilling my duty of care as a doctor. In running onto the pitch to treat a player, who requested medical attention, I was following the rules of the game and fulfilling my medical responsibilities.

This is probably something of a relief for Manchester United's hierarchy: the prospect of their shiny new manager being dragged through a lengthy and potentially very embarrassing tribunal, which would likely have included cross-examination and the public dissemination of emails, text messages and so on, has been averted. But it does look as though Dr Carneiro was entirely in the right, which in turn makes Mourinho's behaviour, both at the time and subsequently, look extremely shabby.

At the bottom of Chelsea's statement, it notes that

Jose Mourinho also thanks Dr Carneiro for the excellent and dedicated support she provided as First Team Doctor and he wishes her a successful career.

which, while certainly nice and all, isn't really anything like an apology.