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Did Adidas just confirm Pogba’s Manchester United transfer?

Adidas have released a cryptic video, which some believe is designed to be a clue that Paul Pogba’s return to Manchester United is all but sealed.

France v Iceland - Quarter Final: UEFA Euro 2016 Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Adidas have posted a bizarre video starring Juventus Manchester United(?) midfielder Paul Pogba, in which the France international is seen reading a newspaper and advising viewers not to believe everything they read.

The video then depicts a billboard with the United crest on it, with the word "Blah!" spray-painted over the top, before cutting to Old Trafford, where rapper Stormzy is seen wearing a United t-shirt and telling somebody to "shut up".

Then, finally, were are informed that "First never follows". Well, thanks for that. So, so strange.

Was this Adidas’ cryptic way of telling us that Pogba’s potential switch to Old Trafford is a done deal? Judge for yourself by watching the video below.

As well as sponsoring Pogba, Adidas are also the official kit manufacturer for both United and Juventus, and it seems they are milking the attention this transfer saga is bringing to their brand.