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Hernán Crespo spills the beans on José Mourinho and Zlatan Ibrahimović

Hernán Crespo thinks United are onto a winner.

Seria A: Inter Milan v Ascoli Photo by Newpress/Getty Images

One of the greatest strikers to grace a football field in the modern era has turned blogger for one column only, with the Guardian having commissioned Hernán Crespo into spilling the beans on what it was like to play under José Mourinho and alongside Zlatan Ibrahimović at Inter Milan.

In truth, there aren’t too many beans spilled: Crespo is very complimentary about both. The tone for the piece is set in the first paragraph, in which he declares: “The two of them can turn Manchester United into winners again.” However, that in itself is reassuring — one imagines Crespo does know a thing or two about how these sorts of things work.

Perhaps the highlight of the piece was this gem of an anecdote:

My relationship with Zlatan, if you allow me to say so, was special. There was one game, Cagliari v Inter, during which nothing was working – we were so bad it wasn’t easy to see that we were actually playing football. I was running around a lot and Zlatan was really angry with all of us. When he came to me to tell me off for something I spoke to him and said: “Keep calm Zlatan … I’m not a young guy, I am Hernán Crespo.”

Anyway, it’s worth a read, so head on over to the Guardian for a look.