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Paul Pogba ready to "play some minutes" against Southampton

Manchester United's record signing is set to make his return to Old Trafford on Friday night.

AFC Bournemouth v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

Exciting news, guys! Paul Pogba's going to play some football for Manchester United this Friday! Hooray!

At his pre-game press conference this afternoon, Jose Mourinho told the assembled hackpack that United's prodigal son is "ready to play", despite not having played in a single pre-season game for anybody.

We played against Leicester with players with less training than him and we saw that match as a way to improve them. With Paul it’s a bit the same — not one single minute of any pre-season match but almost two weeks of work with us, sometimes with the group, sometimes separately, and the condition is okay to play some minutes.

Asked how Pogba was getting on back at United, Mourinho reassured everybody that

He has adapted really easily because he knows the club, knows everybody. He has no need to have time to adapt, but he'll need time to build his condition and his understanding of how the team plays and how he'll fit in with that.

Also settling in nicely is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who Mourinho says will stay for both years of his contract.

I ask about his family, his wife, his kids - I know how important these things are to him - integration, house and everything is fine and everybody is happy. He has a very high motivation, so I see him here, no doubts, for the next two years.

In short, everything is peaceful at Manchester United. Now, how long do we think that will last?