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Ander Herrera: "Antonio Valencia is the best in the world"

Manchester United's converted winger has impressed his teammates with his start to the season.

Manchester United v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

It seems fair to suggest that Ander Herrera has, on the sly, been quite enjoying Antonio Valencia's promising start to the season. Under the harsh interrogation of MUTV, the midfielder hemmed and hawed before eventually letting slip that:

I know he’s not a normal right-back because he used to play as a winger, but I think that, right now, he is the best right-back in the world, maybe with Dani Alves, because I like Dani Alves a lot. I think Antonio is one of the best right-backs in the world.

Forced into further confessions by the David Frost-like tenacity of United's official media outlet, the Basque confessed that:

When you have a right-back who is quick to defend and he is crossing maybe six or seven times a game, always or almost always successfully, then he understands the football. When I have the ball, I know that Antonio’s always ready to receive it, always to give you one solution.

Finally, a broken man, he gasped out between sobs:

I think he’s going to be very important this season. He has already been very important for the club, he has already been here eight years, but I think I told you at the end of the last season something good is being cooked and everyone wants to be part of that.

Pulitzers all round!