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Marcus Rashford drops down to the England U21 side

Manchester United's next big thing hasn't been playing enough football, apparently.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

In news that will either shake you to your very core or leave you thinking "yeah, fair enough", Marcus Rashford has been dropped down to England's U21 side by new England manager Sam Allardyce. According to the Guardian, and we have no reason to doubt them, Allardyce "decided he could not justify a place for the 18-year-old" on the basis that he's been limited to three substitute appearances this season.

Obviously, this is simply the first outward sign of the devastation that Jose Mourinho, whose name is Portuguese for "The Child-Catcher", is set to wreak on United's youth development. What next, after this brutal derailment of Rashford's international career? Timothy Fosu-Mensah to have his hyphen confiscated? Adnan Januzaj to be exiled to Sunderland?

Alternatively, and just as obviously: we're three games into the season; Ibrahimovic is in excellent form and doesn't need dropping; Ibrahimovic is 34 and so won't play every game; Rashford is 18 wasn't going to play every game; to be fair to Allardyce, Rashford was an outside shot for the squad before the tournament; it's August; it's August; it's August.

Pick your favourite!