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Manchester United to launch late bid for Fabinho — report

Somebody at Old Trafford might be waking up after all.

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Villarreal v Monaco: UEFA Champions League Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

We can only assume that Ed Woodward, having looked at his To-Do list and seen just one bullet point, took the opportunity for a crafty snooze. Because if Manchester United have waited all day and then decided, with just under four hours left in the transfer window, that they quite fancied a new right back , then ... well, that would be quiet a silly decision.

Anyway, it's Fabinho from Monaco, and to be honest we don't really think there's anything in it. Our news comes from the Telegraph, who seem to be getting their news from the bookies:

The bookies have certainly smelt something in the air. [Name of oddsmaker deleted, because this is probably just a publicity stunt, so sod that], for example, have slashed his odds of a move from 7/1 to 7/4, with a last-gasp move supposedly edging closer.

Key word: supposedly. We'll be very, very surprised.