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Player ratings: Manchester United 2-1 Leicester City

The good, the bad, and the sort-of-average from Manchester United's victory in the Community Shield.

Leicester City v Manchester United - The FA Community Shield Photo by Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

David de Gea: 6

Couldn't do much about the goal, and didn't have much to do otherwise.

Antonio Valencia: 7

A lovely cross for the second goal, a tireless shift up and down the right flank, and a beaming smile when he took the armband. One of the oddities about watching Valencia at rightback last season was how often he, a winger, would take the non-wingerly option, cutting back and passing inside. Now he's dribbling! Crossing! Mourinho's taking the credit, obviously.

Eric Bailly: 8

Based entirely on this one performance in a semi-competitive game, there's something of the early, unrefined Vidic about Bailly. The same commitment to the tussle; the same visible contempt for the very idea of an opposing forward; the same occasional knack for barging somebody over just because they were, you know, in the way. He read the game nicely, gave up very little in speed to Jamie Vardy, and was entirely happy to tell other, more experienced players where they should be standing. Not perfect, but very exciting.

Daley Blind: 6

Unmemorably tidy. But as Jose Mourinho noted after the game, Blind worked quite nicely as a foil for the more interventionist Bailly. Which means that there will be an interesting decision to be made once Chris Smalling returns to match fitness.

Luke Shaw: 6

Had a quiet game, which for a comeback from a broken leg is precisely what was needed. And in his absence, he seems to have acquired the upper body of a rugby league player, which could be fun.

Michael Carrick: Michael Carrick

Michael Carrick.

Marouane Fellaini: 4

Apart from one moment, Fellaini had a quiet, competent afternoon. But nobody's going to remember that. There are times and places for comedy backpasses, but Paul Pogba's been 48 hours away for the last three weeks, so this wasn't one of them.

Jesse Lingard: 7

Speed, skill, luck and a tidy finish: what more could anybody want from a goal? Or from a footballer? There's something very Mourinho-appropriate about Lingard: he works hard, he'll play anywhere he's asked, and while he isn't as consistent as might be ideal, he can do special things. He probably won't play every game this season, not with Martial and Mkhitaryan around, but he'll get plenty of football.

Wayne Rooney: 4

Operation Give Him Enough Rope is proceeding nicely.

Anthony Martial: 5

Only been in training for a week, and it showed.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 6

Spent too much time too deep -- as much the fault of the team as the individual -- and clearly needs time to work out where his teammates are likely to be. For every little backheel that went to a red shirt, another ended up bobbling out of play. But he got one good chance and he took it in style; it's been a while since United had a forward capable of scoring goals like that.

Ander Herrera (on for Carrick, 61'): 6

Wasn't on for long, but made one excellent intervention to break up a Leicester move as it began, and otherwise buzzed around energetically.

Juan Mata (on for Lingard, 63'): 5

So, do we buy it? That Mourinho, determined to win the Community Shield and fearful of Leicester going route one, decided that the game needed to be broken up and the shortest player on the field sacrificed? Or do we suspect that Mourinho, who hates trimmed beards and thoughtful blogs and wet indie music, was trying to make Mata look silly on national television? Either is believable, so pick your favourite.

Marcos Rojo (on for Shaw, 69'): 6

Only had time to make one rash tackle in the box, but he timed it correctly, so nothing disastrous happened. Hooray.

Marcus Rashford (on for Martial, 70'): 7

No real sights of goal, but some lovely touches. TBB has decided that what we want most from this season is for Rashford, just once, to play in a proper front two with Ibrahimovic. Big man, little man. We can dream.

Morgan Schneiderlin (on for Rooney, 88'): nah

Had one job to do — take the captain's armband from Rooney to Valencia — and did it perfectly.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan (on for Mata, 90+3'): likewise

Had one job to do — be taller than Mata — and did it effortlessly.