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Surprise! Paul Pogba will cost Manchester United an awful lot of money

The details of Paul Pogba's Manchester United contract are in the public domain. We hope you like zeroes.

Carsten Koall/Getty Images

According to the fine people at oddly-named website Squawka, Paul Pogba's move to Manchester United could end up costing ...

£190 million

... which is, we think you'll agree, quite a lot. They break that down as follows:

The fee due to Juventus

£89m, apparently, with a further £4.2m in possible add-ons. £4.2m actually sounds quite low, given the context, so nice one Ed.

The fee due to Mino Raiola

Apparently this is in theory 20%, or £18.6m, but Ed Woodward "is understood to have attempted negotiations". Delicately phrased, Squawka. Let's call it £18.5m

The wages

£300,000 a week, they reckon, which puts Pogba on a par with Our Glorious Captain Wayne Rooney. That includes bonuses, naturally, but if Rooney's performances are anything to go by, the incentives probably amount to "turning up for games", "having skin", and "remembering which Manchester club plays in red". Shouldn't be too hard to hit. That all amounts to £78m over the course of a five-year contract. And that all adds up to ...

£190 million

To be honest, tBB has trouble imagining any amount of money larger than, say, a thousand pounds. Still, if it makes Manchester United a slightly better football team, then it's hard to argue that it represents pretty good value. Because the alternative is the Glazers take the money and go full Scrooge McDuck, and that doesn't sound like much fun.