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Feyenoord vs Manchester United, 2016 Europa League: time, TV schedule and live stream

When is Manchester United's Europa League game on, and how can I watch it?

Boxing at O2 Arena Photo by Leigh Dawney/Getty Images

Right. We knew Jose Mourinho's honeymoon at Old Trafford wasn't going to last forever, because that's the point of honeymoons. They end, and then everybody has to go back to work. But like a good marriage, Mourinho's contract isn't for two months, it's for at least three years ... er, hang on ... this has taken an unpleasantly cynical turn. Shall we start again?

Right. Managing a football club is nothing like a marriage. And now we've established that, Manchester United have quite an interesting game in prospect this evening. A response will be needed after Saturday's loss, but this may not be a walkover. Feyenoord have started the Dutch season well, are playing at home, and there has never been anything more inevitable than Dirk Kuyt scoring at least once this evening.

Speaking of veteran captains who've spent part of their lives on Merseyside, Wayne Rooney is missing from United's squad. Mourinho says he wants him fit for Sunday's game against Watford, which on the surface sounds reasonable enough, though the more suspicious might decide it's a little odd for a manager to announce that the captain of a football club with European ambitions needs a rest in mid-September. Anyway, this is our chance to see what a team built around Paul Pogba looks like. That should be fun.


When: 18:00 UK time, 11:00 EST

Where: De Kuip, Rotterdam

Television: BT Sport 3 in the UK, Fox Sports 1 in the USA; for the rest of the world, livesoccertv has you covered

Streaming: BT Sport's streaming app in the UK, FoxSoccer2GO in the USA

This will also be our Live Thread for the game, so share your thoughts on the derby in the comments section.