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Ibrahimovic is a cone, says Christophe Dugarry

The former Barcelona and Birmingham City striker has some harsh words for Zlatan

Speaking on French Radio Station RMC, Christophe Dugarry has criticised Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The former Barcelona and Birmingham City forwar voiced his concerns about the veteran Swede’s lack of movement following United’s defeat to Watford on Sunday.

United have now lost three games in row, and Dugarry thinks that Ibrahimovic’s goals alone are not enough.

"Ibra is a cone. People talk about his stats ... but he’s a cone." Dugarry said.

"When you see Zlatan’s matches, it’s not possible to do that. It’s English football, it goes at 2,000 kilometers an hour."

The 1998 World Cup winner also unleashed some strong criticism of United boss José Mourinho.

"I get the feeling Mourinho’s last tactical success was that Champions League game between Inter Milan and Barcelona [in the 2009-10 season]," he said.

"He’s won titles since, but I think he’s lost the plot. He believes he has to become more important than the team. Tactically, I think he doesn’t put anything in place. Apart from the players, who have changed, it’s the same organisation as last season under [Louis] van Gaal.

"He always blames the referee or their opponents’ good fortune. There is no self-criticism."