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We're the famous Man United and we're stretching in a car park

A funny thing happened on our way to Sixfields ...

Watford v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

In what we can only assume is a deliberate attempt to stop the internet talking about Wayne Rooney's form and Luke Shaw's pride, Manchester United spent some time before tonight's League Cup tie doing their warm-ups ... in a car park.

So much for the glamour of professional football. And they do all look a bit like they're looking for a lost contact lens, don't they? Anyway, here are some punchlines that you might like to consider at this point:

  • I guess Manchester United will be parking the bus!
  • It's a cup game, Jose! You don't need to practice a three-point turn!
  • Why does that car have a top on it?
  • Just because you've got a Chevrolet badge on your chest, lads!
  • Look like Zlatan Ibrahimovic really is a cone!
  • Play and Display!
  • Sergio Romero looks a bit slow off his line there! You know, line! Car parks have lines ... oh, forget it. When's kick off?