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Video: United fan’s Rooney rant stumps Sammy McIlroy on MUTV

Watch how an MUTV caller nails the Rooney debate

Northampton Town v Manchester United - EFL Cup Third Round Photo by Pete Norton/Getty Images

Following Manchester United’s 3-1 win away at Legue One side Northampton Town in the EFL Cup last night, a fan referred to as ‘Keith from Wilmslow’ called in to MUTV to voice his opinion on Wayne Rooney.

The United skipper has come in for a great deal of criticism of late, with many supporters feeling it is time for the 30-year-old to be phased out of the first-team, and his performance against the Cobblers did little to change that view.

The caller expressed an opinion that appears to be shared by the vast majority of United fans currently, and perfectly explained exactly why he feels Rooney should no longer be considered a guaranteed starter, while calling out the MUTV cast for toeing the company line and ignoring the issue.

"He isn’t good enough," Keith from Wilmslow posited, "Everybody with a football brain realises it.

"Tonight, he looked average against a really poor team ... His touch is awful, he looks a bit chubby to me, he’s not covering the ground quick enough."

An uncomfortable looking Sammy McIlroy, the legendary United midfielder of the 1970s and ‘80s, was appearing on the MUTV show and interjected to assert that Rooney should continue to play based on his former glories: "Because he’s having a bad time, you’re writing him off? You can’t do that."

Keith continued to articulate his point, at which stage McIlroy simply disengaged from the awkward debate by saying: "I disagree".

Check out Keith from Wilmslow dishing out some uncomfortable home truths in the video below:

We are all Keith from Wilmslow!