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José Mourinho explains touchline row in Europa League win

Mourinho wasn’t happy with United’s set-piece planning.

Manchester United FC v FC Zorya Luhansk - UEFA Europa League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Perhaps as entertaining as affairs on the field last night were those on the touchline. On a couple of occasions, José Mourinho could be seen angrily prodding at the dossier being held by his assistant Rui Faria, seemingly dissatisfied with its contents. In an interview after the match, Mourinho accused — by implication — Manchester United’s backroom team of not taking care of ‘of all the details’. The following is taken from the Guardian:

Asked about the incident after the match, Mourinho said: “It was set pieces, organisation, they changed their team before the game. Paul Pogba was a bit confused with the changes and obviously I want my assistants to take care of all the details.”

Of course, it’s very easy to make a mountain out of a molehill, and this really isn’t much of a story. But it was nevertheless amusing to see Mourinho dishing it out to his poor minions, who’d probably spent the previous week trying to cobble together as much information about Zorya Luhansk as possible (a task probably a little easier said than done). Anyway, we presume they won’t be making the same mistake in a hurry.