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Mourinho: Manchester United won't be buying in January

United's manager has indicated to Portuguese television that the club will only be selling this winter.

Manchester United v Hull City - EFL Cup Semi-Final: First Leg Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Stand down, Victor Lindelöf fans. At ease, José Fonte stans. Manchester United's manager has told Portuguese television that the club are unlikely to be doing any shopping this January, and that only sales are expected.

Via sports newspaper A Bola (and thanks to the hard work of Dr. G. Translate) it appears that Mourinho was asked about Lindelöf after United's over Hull, and responded thusly:

I think that in this winter market we will only sell and not buy, it is my feeling. Let's build pounds to attack the market next summer as we did this. Hired four players of first level and we knew we could help.

Not quite definitive, of course, but there's the public position. And TBB can't be alone in enjoying the emphasis on feeling, there; as if Ed Woodward were an inscrutable force of nature whose whims and fancies could only be divined from tea leaves, from chicken guts, from the sudden flares of pain in an old war wound.

As for who might depart, we know that Morgan Schneiderlin is just a crossed t and a dotted i away from joining Everton, and we think we know that Memphis Depay is available to anybody with the money. That might be all, though. How wonderfully peaceful.