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Improved Lyon bid for Memphis Depay rejected by Manchester United — reports

The two clubs are getting closer in their valuations, but United are holding out for the moment.

Manchester United FC v Feyenoord - UEFA Europa League Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

It's been a slow day on the Manchester United front, as everybody takes their time to work out exactly how annoyed they should be at Sunday's draw with Liverpool. Your correspondent, for what it's worth, is going with 'a bit peeved, but ultimately not that frustrated', which may not make for the hottest of takes but has the advantage of being quite relaxing.

However, Memphis Depay's transfer to Olympique Lyonnais has taken one step forward, then one step back. In the morning, Le Parisien reported that the club had made

a second offer for the striker of Manchester United, for 15 million euros. The first, judged "far from acceptable" by coach José Mourinho, was around € 12 million.

But by the evening, this had been knocked back. RMC Sport report that:

OL returned to the charge for Memphis Depay. The club has sent an offer of 15 million euros including bonuses. A proposal that was not considered satisfactory by Manchester United, which claims more from the Olympique Lyonnais. The English ask for an amount of around 20 million euros with a bonus for the Dutchman ... The OL should send a third offer in the next few days.

RMC do reckon, however, that personal terms have been reached. So all that's left for the French club to do is break down the will and stubbornness of Ed Woodward. That shouldn't take too long.

All translation work courtesy of Dr. G. Translate.