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Manchester United plan to sell Luke Shaw and bring in Antoine Griezmann — reports

According to the papers, Jose Mourinho fancies a new striker, but doesn't particularly rate one of his left-backs.

The Best FIFA Football Awards Photo by Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images

Not as a direct swap. That would be silly.

Today's hot dollop of rumour pie comes from the Independent and their shiny new chief football writer Miguel Delaney, who you may recall from such other outlets as ESPN FC. According to him, Manchester United are "increasingly confident" that a deal can be done for French forward Antoine Griezmann, and have agreed likely terms with the player right down to the squad number.

(It'll be 7.)

Mention is made of Atletico's transfer ban, which might hinder their search for a replacement. Either way, we can all look forward to another long summer debating how the hell Spanish release clauses actually work. Hooray!

Elsewhere in the squad, Delaney reckons United will be "open to offers" for Luke Shaw. Apparently:

Mourinho is said to have become frustrated with Shaw's lack of progress in what the manager is trying to do with the team, and that has even led to some senior first-team players speaking to the young defender privately.


Shaw has not yet been completely written off, and could yet turn his situation around, but those close to the squad say he has a lot of convincing to do.

Be a shame, that. There's definitely talent there. Spurs and Chelsea are interested, apparently.