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The Busby Babe wants YOU!

There are vacancies at the Busby Babe.

Wigan Athletic v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

Due to a recent reshuffle at the Busby Babe, we’re looking for new writers, and are turning to our community for applicants. The recent departure of one of our co-managers has meant that we’re not only looking for new contributors, but potentially someone willing to take on at least some of the site’s managerial responsibilities.

It goes without saying that experience will come as a bonus — be it in content management or social media — but it isn’t absolutely necessary. If you’re only interested in joining as a contributor, then the ability to string an interesting sentence together is the only prerequisite. If you’re interested in taking on either of these roles, then don’t hesitate to get in touch at jacksargeant[at]

The wider the net is cast, the better, so feel free to share this with anyone you think could fit the bill. We’ll try to get back to applicants as soon as possible.